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 Doliduo, give you the purest touch 

Fresh , Natural ,  Health ,  Delicious

It is our original intention to emphasize that “the simpler; the more rare”.

Living in the fertile land of Taiwan, all natural resources are a blessing from God. Every harvest, every farmer’s heart, let the freshness and deliciousness of the original food convey the tip of the tongue without reservation.

In order to retain the original taste of the extract, strictly select high-quality ingredients, do not overprocess, share a burden-free gourmet feast, make dried fruit into the happiest taste, evoke the most sincere and touching memories, and satisfy the pursuit of nature of each taste bud, which is our goal of excellence.

“When I was a child, I was running and playing in the orchard with my friends. When I saw the fruit that fell on the ground, I picked it up and wiped it with the corner of my clothes and nibbled it. Wow, it was so sweet and delicious. When I tasted the sweetness, it was already endlessly delicious for us. Now I remember the feeling at that time, I was even more happy and Joy, that kind of taste is called contentment”-From Duoliduo CEO

Therefore, the concept of Dolido brand LOGO starts with two babies holding hands, symbolizing “do it with heart; the most reassuring”. The creation of a natural food kingdom that makes people feel at ease and trust, and hope to turn Taiwan’s agricultural products into fashion boutiques and move towards the world.

Doliduo made a fortune from the night market and has worked hard so far…

Deeply cultivating Taiwan, starting from the night markets in Taichung, selling a bucket of dried bean curd, with the least seasoning, bringing out the delicious food, so that the food is healthy and safe, and slowly grow into the current scale.

In addition to stores, it also participates in many international fairs, Taipei and Kaohsiung World Trade Show, actively promoting the delicacies that belong to “Taiwan”.

In addition to promoting the brand, it also actively participates in public welfare and invests in the children’s dream realization program, hoping to become an enterprise of a friendly society.

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