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304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

High Quality

In order to retain the original taste of the extract, strictly select high-quality ingredients, DO NOT overprocess. Using fresh raw material all are from Taiwan.

Fast Delivery

Complete transportation process planning, delivered to consumers at rocket speed

Diversified platform

Diversified platforms for consumers to choose from. The platforms we provide are as follows , Shopee , iOPEN Mall , Line , Uber Eats and MOMO.

Aiwen Dried Mango

less sugar

Job's tears

Sea salt / Brown sugar

Black soybean with green kernel

Original / Pepper

Grilled Dried tofu made by Barbecue Sauce


High fiber Brown wheat

Sea salt / Brown sugar sesame


Snack are nice!Dried fruits are delicious and nature. Stuff got a big passtion and so friendly❤️.


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